The 30 Week Plan

This is it – the 30 week training plan designed to get me across the finish line in July. The plan is modified slightly from the Intermediate plan in the “Be Iron Fit” book by Don Fink (linked left). The advantages of this plan from my perspective, are the short weekday workouts and the consistency of the training schedule. With a full time job, two kids and some semblance of a social life, it’s the only way I have any hope of conquering an IM. The only area where I think it may be deficient is in the swim training sessions, so I’ll do a bit of research and continue with the swim lessons I’m already doing.

Clearly this is only half the story, I need to think about a lot more and probably get some real-world advice. Luckily I have a few friends that have done this before who I’m bound to be bothering in the very near future.
I’ve got a few more weeks before the plan starts proper, and I’ve already planned in next years holidays and repeated weeks where necessary. I hope to hell this works.

Things to think about:

  • HR Zones – Lactate Threshold testing worthwhile?
  • Build-Up Events – need to find appropriate Sprint/Olympic/70.3 events

Things not to think about:

  • How much this is going to hurt

View the full plan here


One response to “The 30 Week Plan

  • shu

    Looks good Paul – just one thought though… take care as you’ve got your Olympic and Half-IM races aligned with your recovery weeks. You might end up turning those into hard weeks too!


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