Monthly Archives: February 2013

Every penny counts…

While the training continues to go well (ish – usual aches and pains not withstanding) I finally got round to settling on two charities to raise money for; CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) and Children with Cancer UK. Both charities do great work, mean something to me and deserve every penny I can raise. So whether it’s just out of pity for me, or because you want to help out these two amazing charities, please search the back of the sofa for all that loose change (or maybe the odd missing roll of bank notes) to donate as much as you can.

With 137 days to go, there’s plenty of time for more training (I’ll need it!) as well as plenty more opportunities for me to harass you for your hard earned cash 😉 I’d like to raise as much as I can and take every penny as further inspiration to cross the line on July 7th.

Thanks for listening.


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