299 days and counting….

So I finally did it, I signed up for an Iron distance triathlon. Am I nuts – no (at least I don’t think so), massively unprepared – yup, in the midst of a mid life crisis – almost certainly. In just under 299 days I’ll be dragging my sorry self to Nottingham to join 1100 others taking part in Outlaw 2013; 140.6 miles of pain (2.4m swim – 112m bike – 26.2m run). I clearly need to do a lot of preparation, and not least a whole heap of training. My plan for the next few days is to put a training plan together and get started. My intention for this blog is to diarise the whole sorry story if not daily, then certainly regularly. I’ll share my training plan and other useful information I collate over the course of my preparations; equipment, nutrition, exercise etc. Not all of it will be interesting, most of it will remain unread but for me it will serve as a memory of the pain and torture i’ve undoubtedly put myself through, and possibly a useful reminder that should I ever think about doing something so daft again I should cut up my bank cards and hide my laptop…..


One response to “299 days and counting….

  • Keith Grant

    Good luck mate !!! Remember, obsessed is a word the unmotivated use to describe the dedicated. Oh, and sweat is NOT your body crying for mercy…. or is it.. 😉


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